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Neil Vaughan - Site Founder/Editor was founded by Neil Vaughan who had the idea back in October 2005. Neil is a head researcher for the Football Manager computer game and has previously worked for Digital Jesters. He'll mostly be pestering staff for content and is a big Tottenham Hotspur supporter.
Ross McClymont - Technical Editor

Ross has been following the Xbox and Xbox 360 consoles since their unveilings and would have had both consoles from their launches if a certain shop didn't give 360's to everyone else and their dogs except for him... *ahem* Anyway, before joining the Totally Gaming Network team, Ross could always be found helping people out with their websites, and even creating his own - although a lot of the last couple of years has been spent working on the Totally Gaming Network sites.
Brandon Hofer - Staff Writer

Brandon Hofer is a veteran gamer of approximately twenty years. The first system he owned was the Nintendo Entertainment System and he has subsequently had almost every system up to and including the Xbox 360. He also plans to own a Wii as well as a PS3. Brandon's dream job would be working in the industry and sharing his passion with gamers everywhere. Some of his favorite series include The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Shadow Hearts, Kingdom Hearts and Grand Theft Auto. Whether it is writing news for Totally 360, listening to weekly gaming podcasts, or talking to friends over Xbox Live his love for gaming is very apparent. Feel free to e-mail him at any time as takes every opportunity to talk about what he loves and discover new things that he did not know.
Paul Matthews - Staff Writer

Paul Matthews aka Bulldog360UK has been gaming for longer than he can remember from the days of Pong right through to current day and he is a massive Xbox fan. Paul is classed as a "Hall of Famer" at his old clan team - "The Usual SuspeX" and he can be found on LIVE most nights larking around and having a laugh. In the real world Paul is a 30+yr old IS Infrastructure Mananger and lives in the North West (UK).
Ben Reynolds - Staff Writer

Ben Reynolds is a sports journalist for a leading satellite broadcaster but justifies the expense of console gaming to his wife with articles to Like Neil, Ben is a Tottenham fan and as such you can expect both style and panache from the two of them.
PJ Storey - Staff Writer

PJ, or Peage as friends sometimes call him, has been gaming since the age of 4 and although he is an avid gamer he doesn? often play with the goal of winning in mind, although it is a nice little bonus. Most of his time on Live is spent just having a laugh with mates, not really bothering about who wins or loses.
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